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Tuesday 28 June 2016

Tips in Remodeling a Kitchen

Tips in Remodeling a Kitchen

This is an article for those who need to remodel their kitchen. Make sure you know what you are doing before taking the first step. Plan everything first as remodel a kitchen is merely about getting a totally new look but more to that. This tip will guide you in avoiding any mistakes.

1. Allocate funds

You need funds when you decide to remodel your kitchen. It means paying labor force, purchasing of materials and other equipment. Allocate a budget for this. It is always important to have a budget to make sure that you will not overspend for anything. It is recommended to follow the following budgeting guide when allocating a budget for the kitchen;
  • 29% for cabinets and hardware
  • 22% for design and installation
  • 16% for ceilings, floors, windows, walls and doors
  • 14% for appliances and ventilation
  • 10% for counters
  • 9% for electrical and plumbing
Plan around the ratio if you have more or less of scope stated above.

2. Renovation priorities

Prioritize what you need to take note for your new kitchen remodel based on your need for remodel. It could be a new kitchen cabinet, replace wall with tiling, a complete new layout or new appliances. List them down based on priority, as you do, remember to complete the list with other items you need like faucet.

3. Scope of work

Create and plan your own scope of work with schedule. Work this out side by side with your home improvement contractor on what and which to be done first. Discuss with your contractor so that they know your priority and schedule. Their feedback to you is as much as valuable.

4. Research

It is always best to research on everything before you plan, prioritize and finalized. Look into stores (online or offline) to get the ideas of which is the better option.

5. Inspiration

Start by choosing the designs that appeal to you and resembles your ideal kitchen. Select a few designs and narrow down your design until you have decided on which design you want.

6. Kitchen plan & layout

After deciding on which design, move on to incorporate the design onto your existing layout. Show your designer the kitchen design you fix on and your existing layout plan. Your designer will appreciate if you could furnish as much info of your existing layout plan.

7. Finalize fixtures and finishes

Since you have decided on your kitchen design theme and layout plan, move on to finalize your fixtures and finishes. This includes cabinetry style, countertop material, kitchen sink, wall, flooring, lighting and other appliances.

8. Contact the home improvements

Hire home improvement contractor that suits your budget and scope of work. Some research on the company background and review from previous clients would be better to make sure you hire the right people.

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