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Saturday 25 June 2016

8 Awesome Minimalist Kitchen Design

8 Awesome Minimalist Kitchen Design

Kitchen with minimalist interior design theme has now become a trend; and more and more homeowners are opting it as the preferred choice. Minimalist kitchen design looks more elegant, simple, beautiful, and has a modern impression. A well appointed kitchen is essential to a nice home.

The requirements of minimalist kitchen:

  1. Choose kitchen equipment and fittings which are simple and modest. If you want to make your kitchen look minimalist, buy equipment that is simple.

  2. If kitchen cabinet is required, choose one that has a simple design. Choose with caution; avoid kitchen cabinet with design that is over designed.

  1. Recommended to install kitchen cabinet that has one color and smooth surfaces.

  2. A small or medium size kitchen cabinet is recommended when choosing to avoid taking up too much space, hence dwarfing your kitchen.

  1. Use furniture and kitchen equipment made of metal or iron. This will further enhance the room look more modern kitchen.

  2. Use only 1 to 3 colors on your minimalist kitchen. Too many colors and flashy design does not describe a minimalist kitchen.

  1. If the kitchen walls are white, you can install brown colour kitchen cabinet that combined with black to make it look harmonious. The main idea is the use of furniture that has a color harmony with your kitchen wall.

  2. Arrange your kitchen furniture to create a spacious look. This will enhance the minimalist theme and as an added bonus, an efficient kitchen.


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