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Monday 28 September 2015

7 Tips To Mix And Match Your Curtains Like A Pro

Many homeowners tend to overlook the significance of curtains as they seek to refurbish their homes. Mix and matching your curtains is a cost effective way of achieving remarkable interior design goals with or without involving an interior design contractor. The following tips have been chosen carefully to help you achieve amazing results as you mix and match your curtain like a pro.

1. Don't Rush It

While the possibility of coming out with a stunning mix and match curtain theme is tantalizing for the enterprising homeowner, the likelihood of getting it awfully wrong are just as likely. If this is the first time you are experimenting with contrasting curtain colors and patterns, ease into it slowly. Begin with two curtain panels of the same general color but in different hues and then get bolder as the theme idea gels with what else you have at home.

2. Patterns Plus Solid Colors Win Every Time
If you are looking for a foolproof mix and match design for your living room curtains, start by choosing a multicolored pattern that you really love and which complements (at least in part) the rest of your interior design decor theme. Use this pattern for the curtain panel covering one side of the window and then go for one of the colors or hues in the pattern (it doesn't need to be the most prominent) and choose a solid color material in that same color or hue to use as the panel for the other side of the window.

3. Going for a Total Mismatch? Marry Something at Least
If you are bold enough with curtains home renovation idea, you can go for two virtually mismatched curtain materials to use on either side of your windows or glass doors. This can be hard to pull off but if you pay attention to important details, the effect can be stunning. The essential consideration is that there must be at least something in common between the two mismatched curtains or panels, no matter how subtle. The common element may be detail of a pattern or texture. You can be eccentric as you want so long as you do not sacrifice balance.

4. Whatever you do, be Consistent with the Hardware and Accessories
One way to get it completely wrong with your mix and match home design idea is to try and mix the curtains hardware accessories. Just think about it: a back-stab curtain panels side by side with a (mark you) contrasting patterned grommeted opposite number is just over the top!

5. Approach Casual and Formal Themes Differently
While most mix and match curtain ideas are suited for casual rooms and occasions, there is adequate leeway to allow you a perfectly acceptable look for a formal occasion or room. If you are looking for a casual look for your house, you can be as liberal as you want, even to the extent of using totally different curtains on each window. For a formal room, you have no choice but to replicate the idea on every window.

6. Start Right Away and Split your Pairs
If you are like most homeowners, you have never carried out a proper inventory of the curtains already in your home. Sift through all your curtains and split them up in pairs. Even if you bought all of them separately, more likely than not they all adhere to a certain taste. You will be surprised at what works for your curtain mix and match idea.

7. Use Other Furnishing Ideas to Tie it all Together
One thing you do not want is for your multicolored window to stand out as a sore thumb compared to the rest of the house. Look at the rest of the room's furnishing and use a variety of similarly styled accessories and knick knacks to tie the entire theme together. You can use such items as pillows, ottomans, upholstery covers and throw rugs to achieve the balance you need.

Image Source from: WANG VON M 081 architekci

Friday 25 September 2015

Malaysia Most Common Kitchen Countertops

Kitchens are a basic piece of a home area and undeniably the heart of today's homes, what material was utilized, how simple to keep up, what they look like, how they hold up, and numerous more contemplations are all aspect when considering the kitchen tops.

Granite Stone Countertops.

Granite stone has been the obvious choice for all home owners in kitchen tops selection over the previous decade. there are such a variety of other countertop choices available in the market today

Concrete Kitchen Countertops.

Concrete countertops are especially heavier, then again, so required substantial support by lower cabinetry. Concrete countertops are durable, heat resistant and hard to scratch.


Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertops

Stainless steel is perfect kitchen material due to its durable steel - and heat-resistant. The surface is easy to clean and high durable against water/high temperature. It’s also can be installed easily and fully customizable to any specifications based on your kitchen design.

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