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Tuesday 5 April 2016

13 Good FengShui Tips For Bedroom

Good Feng Shui in bedroom is important for the health and relationship of couples. Kenny Hoo of GOOD FENG SHUI gives you some tips on setting your bedroom. 


  • 1-Wedding photo is one of the very good sources of romance in Feng Shui. Do not hang your wedding photo on top of your bed – should hang in front of the bed.

  • 2-Other photos that represent romantic feeling such as flower, lovers should not hang at the exact East, West, South and North sectors of the room as these may introduce third-part affairs.

  • 3-The bed should always have a solid wall behind it, not any window. Solid wall acts as a support and thus to ensure to get a deep sleep every night.

  • 4-The wall behind the bed should not have any altar. This will cause health problems.

  • 5-If possible, there should also be no mirrors in the bedroom. Especially directly in front of the bed, or facing the room door. Mirrors should also not face the side of the bed.

  • 6-Mirror in the bed room should not face to any window as it may attract negative energies from outside.

  • 7-If there are mirrors inside the built in cupboard, the mirrors should not reflect to the bed when the cupboard door is open.

  • 8-The TV screen acts like a mirror. Therefore, TV should not face to the bed directly.

  • 9-Do not paint the room in red, pink, brown or yellow colour as these represent fire and earth elements. It can cause sickness especially when the inauspicious yearly forces reach the room area.

  • 10-If the bathroom door is facing to the bed directly, ensure that the bathroom door is closed all the time. An auto door-closer can be installed at the toilet door.

  • 11-Ceiling fan cannot be installed at the centre point of the bed. Try to align the fan to be away from the bed.

  • 12-Do not place plants inside the bed room as this will create problems in health and relationship to the occupants.

  • 13-Plants can be placed in the bathroom.


About the author:

许鸿方(Kenny Hoo) 自小醉心中华文化与术数研究。荣获大学奖学金,修读电脑工程荣誉学位。曾任职多家海内外上市机构,并曾担任亚太区域高级董事一职。2000年开始从事风水堪舆研究事业,创办"好风水堪舆研究机构" (,专业提供阴阳宅堪舆设计规划服务。2005年获得台湾当局颁发‘全球十大专业人才精英奖'及‘全球十大优质企业精品奖'。2009年获得中国大陆之中国文化信息协会推举为‘中华文化传播学家'。并与两岸三地海内外,一百名为中华文化发展不遗馀力、努力贡献的英杰们,齐列入《璀璨神州》丛书,并被选为封面人物。


Master KENNY HOO is the founder and chief researcher of Good Feng Shui Geomantic Research (, a company that provides professional research and consultation services. It is based in Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

He holds a Bachelor (Hons.) Degree in Computer Science from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. He has held various posts, including systems engineer and International Sales Director in multi-national and public-listed companies prior to his full-time involvement in Feng Shui.

With strong technical, sales and marketing experiences in information technology and telecommunications fields, Hoo combines traditional Feng Shui methodology with modern, scientific tools and technologies in his geomantic research and studies.

He has also formularised his own, international awards-winning “Good Feng Shui Converge Water Technique” by combining the various schools of thought in the Yi-Jing theories.


List of Corporate Clients (Partial)

Mead Johnson Malaysia

​​​MMC-Gamuda in Damansara Perdana

​First and the largest Shopping Mall in Nilai

​Tradewinds International ​

​BB Plaza​



​Facial First

​Auto Bavaria BMW and MINI Cooper showrooms ​​and HQ​​ throughout Malaysia​

​Teong Sheng Industries in Tangkak, Johor

​Grand-Flow Industries' new factory in Shah Alam (a public listed company in KLSE) - the new factory is following Good Feng Shui design, begins from empty land

​AIA Shared services in Cyberjaya

​Eu Yan Sang in Shaw Parade (now is the extension of the Zun Kitchenette, the Eu Yan Sang HQ and the major outlets were also using Good Feng Shui advices)

​Sandbank Bar & Restaurant in Singapore (subsidiary of "The Bank Bar & Bistro" in Singapore - also designed with Good Feng Shui advice. Please Google it or find them in "The Bank Bar + Bistro" 


Basically, the GFS services for the house/office/company shall include:

1) On site Good Feng Shui survey and analysis base on our very-owned Good Feng Shui Converge Water Technique

2) Personal Lifepath Analysis - to help understanding in details about all the relevant personal Lifepath, and to match or calibrate the house and company Feng Shui adjustments base on the individual cycle and favorable elements

3) Space planning and design advice, with best effort to avoid any renovation thus to save the costs for unnecessary renovations. This can be only achieved through the implementation of GFS Converge Water Technique. For the company Good Feng Shui service, we will also include the advice on the company signboard, name card, branding, website, brochure, banner, etc.

4) Free long-term, offsite support services (for domestic home only, for company is 12-month free offsite support services)

5) We will NOT use nor sell to you any number plates, statues, crystals, painting, talism​a​n, etc. Simply because our GFS Converge Water Technique does not rely on such symbolical or religious-based gadgets. Thus NO HIDDEN COST.





Friday 1 April 2016

living room bandar kinrara

Choosing the right design style for your home seems straight forward but in actual fact it seldom is. It often takes a trained eye to see the opportunity in the space available and be able to better maximise the design of spaces within the home. The owner of this Bandar Kinrara terrace house in Puchong, Malaysia decided to seek out professional help in order to create well planned and designed spaces for their home. To achieve this, Moonlit Inspiration was selected to work with the owner for the design and visualisation of the different spaces in the home. The resulting style is a modern contemporary design approach with spaces carefully laid out to ensure a greater sense of spaciousness. 

The living room exudes the design style in a sleek way, cement rendered wall finish sets the tone in the living area by adding a distinctive modern feel to the space. With a light timber built-in shelf and a simple yet delicately modern floor lamp adding to its overall modern contemporary feel, the space definitely looks the part. The space then transitions to a simpler design utilized for the dining area where a modern artwork hung from the wall and a minimalist feel pendant lighting hangs cozily from the ceiling. But to complete the more contemporary look for this space, furniture selection played an equally important part.

A dining table resplendent with its timber table top and chrome table legs is matched with an intricate yet modern chairs. With the modern spaces of the living and dining areas clearly defined, the dry kitchen was also transformed to complement the overall space design. Wooden shelving designed as inserts are slotted into the design of the counter while black finishes flow up the wall and across the ceiling spaces to better define the kitchen space. To give the kitchen its more modern look, cement rendered styled floor tiles from Niro Granite are used and matched with the clean white kitchen cabinet design.To further define its design, black wall tiles are used for the back splash and complement already used black details on the wall and ceiling.



But it was the interior design of master bedroom that really caught our eye. Timber styled vinyl flooring covers the entire floor of this spacious bedroom while a stylish built-in floor shelving unit and dressing table feature similar timber laminate finish to set the tone of the overall design. To add some distinguishing features to the bedroom design, a grey feature wall is designed against the bed head while the wardrobe features black sliding doors that both add to the overall modern contemporary style of the bedroom.

The different spaces while showcasing slightly different modern contemporary design styles still come together beautifully in this terrace house. The styles created both clearly define each space within the more open layout while still managing to transition beautifully from space to space. After all, when we take on the services of a professional, we expect the resultant work to be beyond our imagination.

Designed by Moonlit Inpiration Team