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Wednesday 14 December 2016

How to Fix Scratches on Glass

How to Fix Scratches on Glass

It is a common problem for every homeowners when it comes to scratches on mirror or glass where presence of children or after certain period of usage surfaces do develop marks. Glass scratches can be an eyesore and devalue the item especially on decorative items, mirror, furniture, aquarium and so on.

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It may be a problem in the older days to fix glass scratches but not anymore with chemical and tools available in the market today. Read on for useful ways to remove the scratches:

  1. Thin layer of transparent of colourless nail paint applied on the surface will helps to make the scratches invisible.

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  1. One of the traditional method to fix glass scratches is by applying mixed white vinegar with dry mustard into paste and apply on the surface.

  1. Glass scratches on wardrobe glass and table tops can be repaired by using non gel type toothpaste which helps to make scratches invisible. Paste the toothpaste over the glass and leave for full dry. Wipe off the hard paste with cloth after drying.

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  1. Metal polish can also be used to remove glass scratches if you found some extra metal polish lying around your home. Pour some of the polish on a clean cloth and rub on the scratch until the marks invisible.

  1. If scratches are found on your eyeglasses, the following can be applied with caution. Apply glass-etching cream over the glass with cotton wool and leave for a few seconds. Wipe off the excess and repeat the process until scratch marks become invisible.

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  1. If the scratch marks are still obvious after trying above methods, it suggest that the marks are probably too deep. It is advisable to contact your local professional to remove the marks.