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Tuesday 23 December 2014

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10 Cheap Home Remodel and Redesign Tips

When it comes to a home remodel and redesign, everybody wants a realistic budget. The following are tips you can use to get excellent home remodel results within a budget.

#1: Use neutral colors in laminates, appliances and fixtures. The neutral colors do not look outdated when color trends change and they are less expensive. For example, white sinks are less expensive than color varieties. Neutral colors used for countertops are much cheaper than custom textures or colors.

#2: Consider cabinet options that are cheaper and less expensive. Some options can be added later to cut down the initial cost. Options that are easier to add include slide out wire baskets, spice racks and tilt front doors.However,if you choose to add them at a later date, make sure that the options can be added after installation and that they will be readily available.Refacing your existing cabinets does not require new appliances, countertops and flooring. It saves you money in your kitchen remodel.

#3: Textured wall papers let you save money. They can be fixed on a slightly damaged wall rather than replacing it.

#4: Be creative. Find multiple cheap solutions to accomplish your remodel or design objectives.

#5: Hardwood floors can be sanded and coated with vanish instead of replacing the floor entirely.

#6: If all a room requires is a facelift, remodel it by changing the paint instead of making structural changes. Changing the color will bring life to the room and make it more beautiful on a budget.

#7: Planning ahead helps you spend less money. Choose all the appliances and fixtures you want to include in the remodelled home. This prevents hasty buying decisions in future.

#8: Hire a qualified contractor who has extensive experience and expertise in the kind or redesign you want for your home. Updating remodelling work that does not meet your expectations is expensive.

#9: Use cultured marble sheets for tub surrounds to save money. The marble sheets cost less to fix and to clean.

#10: It is more cost-effective to reglaze your bathtub instead of buying a new one.

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Monday 22 December 2014

Choosing The Best Kitchen Designers

If your cooking space is out of date with faulty appliances, hanging electrical wires or plumbing complications, then consider engaging a kitchen remodel designer. Make a list of what you want changed and design a budget. If you are in doubt, call some interior design experts to inspect for advice. Draw a new layout and ask yourself if you will still keep the same floor or wall concepts. Work around the essentials and safety issues first. For people who have no problems with budget concerns, the sky is the limit. You do not need to do everything at the same time if you are on a tight budget. It is possible to achieve your dream kitchen by making changes in stages - home design experts can give you more inspiring ideas.

Image Source from: Febal Cucine

Take your time and have all the measurements of the whole place. Know the width, height and depth of the space. Do not make a rough estimate. Ensure you have the exact measurements because it can save you lots of time when it comes to changing counter tops, cabinets and other appliance. As a golden rule of thumb, ensure that you have at least three quotes before settling to buy anything. This will give you a good opportunity to sample the many designs available and work within your budget. You may decide to take a picture of your current kitchen to the design experts and let them work magic with the computer software. In a few hours, the experts will redesign your space and create a picture of what it would look like after remodeling.

Image Source from: GeD Cucine

Be flexible and mix and match appliances and items to save you money without compromising on aesthetics. Buying products from different stores can save you lots of money. Some stores have varying prices for equivalent materials like cabinets, tiles or other appliances. You may even opt to buy some materials on the internet and save time and money. Keep the colors neutral especially if you intend to sell the house in a near future. Screaming luminous colors may be what you are looking for but can put off a potential customer who does not want to correct the designs later. It can be very frustrating when buyers decide to lower the selling price so that they can redesign the kitchen units.

Image Source from: Arclinea Arclinea

If you want a good job, then leave it to the professionals. You do not need to take a class of fixing electrical appliances or take building lessons because there are enough experts that can do the job for you. A small mistake like drilling holes in the wrong places can not only be dangerous, but can also spoil the shape of the kitchen.

Wednesday 17 December 2014

10 Tips To Design Your Balcony

Setting aside a part of your home to be a place of relaxation and interaction with nature is important. Many people find it wise to relax in the living room, bed room or in the pool but having a balcony gives on a chance to interact with the nature, breath out door fresh air and enjoy the warm breeze making you relax and feel at ease while spending time in it.

Here are tips on how to create a warm and relaxing balcony:


Before building a balcony, one needs to consult an expert in this field to avoid building a structure that will not last long or that has room for mistakes. Besides getting information, one can also hire a contractor and have the job done.


It is important to plan your balcony well by ensuring that the space left a side for this structure is well utilized and at the same time make sure that it is not congested. Placing various elements such as plants that are in harmony with your interior design is important. This is for uniformity purpose and the continuity of design.


The purpose of the balcony defines the furniture to be used in the balcony. Always make sure that the furniture that is placed in the balcony ease movement around the area and also complement you interior home designs concept.

Water supply

If you plan to have plants in your balcony, ensure that it is well supplied with water to avoid moving up and down watering the plants or a situation where plants dry off during the dry season.


Adding some light in the balcony is essential since you may want to relax at the place during the night. Though light is important, remember not to make it too bright. By choosing the right lights for your balcony will add up its beauty and make you feel relaxed while relaxing in it.


Make sure before constructing your balcony that your house has enough space for the construction of a balcony. Also see to it that it is proportional to your house and finally have it placed in an eye catching place.


The balcony should be placed in a place that offers you the privilege of interacting with nature and the surroundings. Make sure the structure is constructed in a place where it offers a good view to the eye caching outdoor scenario. This offers you the opportunity to relax and enjoy looking to the beautiful environment around you.


If you have a balcony that is underutilized or its set aside to keep things like bikes and so on, you can have it renovated rather that constructing a new one. Ensure during renovation process that you use light material to avoid the balcony falling off or breaking down.


Decoration of the balcony depends on the usage of the premises. If the balcony is to be used during the night then using curtains would be wise to protect you from cold.

Bringing the indoors out

You should link your balcony to the interior of the house. This gives the continuity and consistency of the house design. This adds up the fun and makes your balcony to look neat and good at all times.

Image Source from: Stylisheve

7 Tips To Mix And Match Your Curtains Like A Pro

Many homeowners tend to overlook the significance of curtains as they seek to refurbish their homes. Mix and matching your curtains is a cost effective way of achieving remarkable interior design goals with or without involving an interior design contractor. The following tips have been chosen carefully to help you achieve amazing results as you mix and match your curtain like a pro.

1. Don't Rush It

While the possibility of coming out with a stunning mix and match curtain theme is tantalizing for the enterprising homeowner, the likelihood of getting it awfully wrong are just as likely. If this is the first time you are experimenting with contrasting curtain colors and patterns, ease into it slowly. Begin with two curtain panels of the same general color but in different hues and then get bolder as the theme idea gels with what else you have at home.

2. Patterns Plus Solid Colors Win Every Time
If you are looking for a foolproof mix and match design for your living room curtains, start by choosing a multicolored pattern that you really love and which complements (at least in part) the rest of your interior design decor theme. Use this pattern for the curtain panel covering one side of the window and then go for one of the colors or hues in the pattern (it doesn't need to be the most prominent) and choose a solid color material in that same color or hue to use as the panel for the other side of the window.

3. Going for a Total Mismatch? Marry Something at Least
If you are bold enough with curtains home renovation idea, you can go for two virtually mismatched curtain materials to use on either side of your windows or glass doors. This can be hard to pull off but if you pay attention to important details, the effect can be stunning. The essential consideration is that there must be at least something in common between the two mismatched curtains or panels, no matter how subtle. The common element may be detail of a pattern or texture. You can be eccentric as you want so long as you do not sacrifice balance.

4. Whatever you do, be Consistent with the Hardware and Accessories
One way to get it completely wrong with your mix and match home design idea is to try and mix the curtains hardware accessories. Just think about it: a back-stab curtain panels side by side with a (mark you) contrasting patterned grommeted opposite number is just over the top!

5. Approach Casual and Formal Themes Differently
While most mix and match curtain ideas are suited for casual rooms and occasions, there is adequate leeway to allow you a perfectly acceptable look for a formal occasion or room. If you are looking for a casual look for your house, you can be as liberal as you want, even to the extent of using totally different curtains on each window. For a formal room, you have no choice but to replicate the idea on every window.

6. Start Right Away and Split your Pairs
If you are like most homeowners, you have never carried out a proper inventory of the curtains already in your home. Sift through all your curtains and split them up in pairs. Even if you bought all of them separately, more likely than not they all adhere to a certain taste. You will be surprised at what works for your curtain mix and match idea.

7. Use Other Furnishing Ideas to Tie it all Together
One thing you do not want is for your multicolored window to stand out as a sore thumb compared to the rest of the house. Look at the rest of the room's furnishing and use a variety of similarly styled accessories and knick knacks to tie the entire theme together. You can use such items as pillows, ottomans, upholstery covers and throw rugs to achieve the balance you need.

Image Source from: WANG VON M 081 architekci

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Thursday 11 December 2014

How To Choose The Right Kitchen Top

A kitchen is probably the most important room in a home. So keeping in mind if you are renovating your existing kitchen, that it must be designed for comfort with plenty of working space and room for moving about. Also it must be bright with a good working area for the person who will be spending the most time there, this means right down to the kitchen top.

Image Source from: Adrian Ramsay

There must also be a welcoming ambiance for anyone who wishes to eat or just sit around the table and chat. To achieve this there has to be a certain coordination with the design and color scheme, so to get the color coordination right, it is imperative that you contact an interior designer. who specializes in kitchen design. Choosing a kitchen top may not seem all that important, but a lot of time should be spent making sure you pick the right one. The most important things to look for is, durability, next it must have an impervious surface so that there will be no food particles lodging in scratches made from cutting food on it. The next part of choosing is type of top. The most popular choices are, Steel, Granite, or Marble. The color choice is limited, but a good kitchen designer will be able to tell you which is best for your kitchen.

Image Source from: Geometrix Design

No matter what job you want done to your home, whether you are, refurbishing, renovating, or building a home from the ground up, you will need not only a home design expert, you will need a competent contractor who has expertise in all kinds of home building work. This contractor will be responsible for everything right down to what type of kitchen top you will need fitted. This is why you must make sure you choose the right contractor for the job. How you go about this is not too complicated. If you have a friend who had renovations or refurbishing done on his, or her, home recently, you could ask who did the work, and were they happy with everything. If you do not know someone who had work done on their home then the next approach would be to go looking through building and renovating magazines, and picking one out from those companies who are listed. It is important to remember that, only the listed ones are recommended by the building federation. The next step would be to find a good home interior designer. You can use the same approach as described above. The final choice would be made on these very important issues, One, are they fully licensed, and two, are they properly insured to take on your contract.


5 Ways How To Choose The Right Kitchen Cabinet

Are you planning to buy kitchen cabinets? If yes, there are a lot of decisions you need to make as you keep in mind several factors and choices. Choosing the right kitchen cabinet can be a daunting task with the many cabinets provided in the modern market. Note that your kitchen cabinets are the first thing that you notice when you enter the kitchen, thus they need to be impressive. Here are great ideas that will help you choose the right kitchen cabinet for your kitchen:

Make them coherent
Just because you like a certain interior design does not mean that it will fit in your kitchen. You should choose cabinets that meet the entire theme and look of your kitchen. You need to select the cabinets before you begin the kitchen remodeling project. By doing this, you will be able to create a cohesive look without neglecting your own taste or preferences. In case you are just doing some renovation, then you should go for something that will contrast effectively with your kitchen color, flooring and counter tops.

Image Source from: CHATEAU D'AX

The kitchen cabinets you choose should be functional. Do not just choose the ones that will make your kitchen look elegant, but have no other use. For example, glass cabinet may look great, but may not be so functional for your kitchen. This is especially if you have a stack of misaligned jars behind them. The bottom cabinets should not have knobs or hooks as they may get stuck in your clothes easily.

Consider the resale value
It is advisable to consider the resale value your kitchen cabinet style may fetch. In case you have a plan to resell them later on, it is good to buy the ones made from natural materials such as MDF or wood cabinets.

Image Source from: Colombini Casa

Quality of the products
Once you have the design in mind, you need to check of the quality of the products. For cabinetry solid wood is the most popular product. Kitchen cabinets made of high pressure laminate and metal are also popular because they are durable. The contractor making the cabinets for you should also use high quality finishes and high quality hardware to ensure durability.

Door mounting style
Door mounting style is a vital consideration many people overlook in home design. The most popular style is overly in which the door lays over the cabinet case. There are other mounting styles such as full overlay, inset doors and regular overlay. Ensure you choose kitchen cabinets that match with your preferred door mounting style.

Image Source from: Sie Matic