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Tuesday 23 December 2014

10 Cheap Home Remodel and Redesign Tips

When it comes to a home remodel and redesign, everybody wants a realistic budget. The following are tips you can use to get excellent home remodel results within a budget.

#1: Use neutral colors in laminates, appliances and fixtures. The neutral colors do not look outdated when color trends change and they are less expensive. For example, white sinks are less expensive than color varieties. Neutral colors used for countertops are much cheaper than custom textures or colors.

#2: Consider cabinet options that are cheaper and less expensive. Some options can be added later to cut down the initial cost. Options that are easier to add include slide out wire baskets, spice racks and tilt front doors.However,if you choose to add them at a later date, make sure that the options can be added after installation and that they will be readily available.Refacing your existing cabinets does not require new appliances, countertops and flooring. It saves you money in your kitchen remodel.

#3: Textured wall papers let you save money. They can be fixed on a slightly damaged wall rather than replacing it.

#4: Be creative. Find multiple cheap solutions to accomplish your remodel or design objectives.

#5: Hardwood floors can be sanded and coated with vanish instead of replacing the floor entirely.

#6: If all a room requires is a facelift, remodel it by changing the paint instead of making structural changes. Changing the color will bring life to the room and make it more beautiful on a budget.

#7: Planning ahead helps you spend less money. Choose all the appliances and fixtures you want to include in the remodelled home. This prevents hasty buying decisions in future.

#8: Hire a qualified contractor who has extensive experience and expertise in the kind or redesign you want for your home. Updating remodelling work that does not meet your expectations is expensive.

#9: Use cultured marble sheets for tub surrounds to save money. The marble sheets cost less to fix and to clean.

#10: It is more cost-effective to reglaze your bathtub instead of buying a new one.

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