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Wednesday 3 August 2016

Hacks To Improve Storage in Your Home

Hacks To Improve Storage in Your Home

If you find yourself in a cramped home, here are some ways to keep your things stored without contributing to a mess.

Increase bed height for Under the Bed Storage

The space under your bed is the perfect choice for items that you don’t need regularly and can be kept out of sight. Some bed comes with its raised support leg but may not be sufficiently high enough for storage. You can further increase the height by using bed riser.

Tension Rods for Additional Hanging Space

Add tension rod under your sink to create hanging space for cleaning supplies. The same can be applied in your closet, additional hanging rod for belts, clothes and anything light. The more stuff you can hang, the better. Just watch out not to hang any heavy items.

Command Hooks to Hang Objects

Use command hooks to create additional storage space. They allow you to hang things on the wall, cheap and easy to use, without leaving permanent holes or require any alterations. Turn your unused wall into storage space for bags, keys or even wifi router.

Hang Storage Racks Over Doors

Utilize your door! Use of shoe organizer behind your door for additional space. This is particularly useful to apply in your storage room door, you can use them for storing supplies, cables and anything small enough to fit the shoe organizer.

Build Shelves onto Your Walls

Apart from command hooks, a better way of creating additional space is to build shelves onto your wall. These shelves are handy and can be install onto any unused walls to create a bookshelf, storage compartment for kitchen and bathroom too.

Magnets, Magnets and Magnets!

Be creative and consider gluing magnets to your spice jars. These spice jars can then mount onto the side of your fridge to free up your kitchen shelves. The same can be applied in bathroom; mount a magnet on your wall and voila, there goes your nail clippers, hair clips and grooming tools.

Roll Out Pantry Beside Fridge

It is a waste not to use the space between your fridge and wall, why not build a roll out pantry? With a little bit of wood working skill, some wood, dowels and casters you are ready to go. Alternatively you may hire home contractor to build it for you. This additional space is ideal for food stuff, canned and boxed goods.

Use a Projector Instead of a Television

Projector offers great value when it comes to price / image size ratio. All you need is a projector and a projector screen. As an additional point, you can opt for light weight and portable screen to use it anywhere you want. Depending on projector type, some offers short throw feature and you do not need a long distance for the projectile image.

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