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Saturday 9 July 2016

Hardwood or Laminate Wood Flooring

Hardwood or Laminate Wood Flooring For Your Home

Wood flooring is one of the most sought after amenities in a home; also it brings nature into your home. Besides its natural beauty, wood flooring also the preferred choice due to its natural appearance and warmth underfoot. There are 2 types of wood flooring; hardwood and laminate wood. Below article will discuss both flooring and which to choose.


There are price difference in both hardwood and laminate flooring due to availability and material cost.

  • Hardwood:

Disadvantage – Higher in price due to hardwood flooring is harvested from trees.

  • Laminate: 

Advantage – Made from composite wood pressed together at high temperatures. A layer of thin laminate hardwood is then placed over the composite wood. Therefore the material and installation cost is significant cheaper compared with hardwood.


Durability comes as a priority when deciding which wood flooring for your home. Durable flooring will require less maintenance and maintain aesthetic appealing in years to come.

  • Hardwood:

Disadvantage – Prone to scratching, wear and tear over a long period of usage. Gets damage over excessive moisture exposure.

Advantage – Comes in natural unique beauty of a wood grain, depending on type of tree and wood. Add significant value to your home.

  • Laminate:

Advantage – Less maintenance compared with hardwood. More durable and provide more resistance towards ear and tear, scratches and moisture.

Disadvantage – Lack the unique beauty of natural wood grain, hence less appealing. Depending on laminate quality and production, lower grade of laminate may lack the durability element and comes with artificial wood grain texture.


All wood flooring requires maintenance and repairing from time to time. From repairing damages to maintaining flowing, laminate and hardwood both have advantages and disadvantages.

  • Hardwood:

Advantage – Can be repaired by means of sanding and refinishing of damaged area. Alternatively, refinish the hardwood surface is part of maintenance for long lasting years.


Advantage – Majority laminate flooring comes in individual boards that require only snap fit assembly. In case of damage, replace the damage piece; make sure to get the same production model from same company. Does not require refinish, cleaning with damp cloth is sufficient.

As both hardwood and laminate has its own advantage and disadvantage, one has to decide on his own which is the preferred choice. If you have children or pets, this will influence your decision. If your inner home is exposed to a lot of direct sun light, it is best to keep in mind that hardwood may fade its color over prolong direct sunlight exposure. Where else laminate wood flooring has UV protection embedded onto the surface.

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