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Tuesday 5 July 2016

All you need to know about kitchen cabinet

All you need to know about kitchen cabinet

Kitchen cabinet is essential for each home, it’s the place where home food is prepared and sometimes it serves as a bonding place for couples to spend time together. The right cabinet choices will help make the room efficient and easy to use. As a guideline, cabinets fall into three basic categories: ready made, semi custom, and custom.

Here are some helpful tips and information to get this project started!

Ready Made Cabinets

Ready made cabinets come in a great number of styles and sizes.

Advantage: Stock cabinets are usually the most economical choice. Because they are manufactured in volume and stored in manufacturers’ warehouses, they are also readily available – usually ready made cabinets are available immediately.

Disadvantage: Because the cabinets are mass produced, therefore they don’t come in special sizes. Modifications or request for change of fittings are normally unusual.

Semi custom cabinets

These cabinets normally come in quite a number of fixed designs and themes. They are manufactured based on requirements such as size, materials, fittings and tabletop. They are easily amendable with storage units and fittings.

Advantage: Modifications and amendments are usual based on requirements. Offers a wide selection of designs and themes and easily implemented to any kitchen layout. Purchasing from chain store has the benefits of spare parts and services readily available.

Disadvantage: Higher price tag compared to ready made cabinets. Not readily available, requires fabrication time. Designs and themes are fixed.

Custom Cabinets

These cabinets are custom built by professional cabinet maker. These cabinets can be customized into any kind of configurations, themes, size, materials and fittings based on requirements. The priciest among all 3 categories.

Advantage: Your kitchen cabinets can look and function exactly the way you want. Custom cabinets can be perfectly fitted onto an oddly shaped kitchen layout. You can also accommodate specialized storage needs. The cabinets’ qualities are top notch if built perfectly by an experienced cabinet maker.

Disadvantage: Most expensive among all 3 categories. Require longer time of fabrication.


Wood – Normally only available for custom cabinets. Wood cabinets are durable and last longest

Laminate – Laminate cabinets are durable and easy to clean, and they come in a variety of colors.

Make Good Choices

Avoid buying the cheapest available cabinet as they are rarely the best choice. Drawers will soon sag or fall apart altogether, and inferior finishes wear away. Unless the cabinet surfaces are solid wood or wood veneer, painting or refinishing will be difficult or even impossible. When comparing cabinets, ask about construction details and look for signs of lasting quality.

Hardware & Fittings

  • Its norm to find soft close hinge on pull out drawers and shelves door. Make sure you cabinet comes with these.
  • Depending on preferences, you may opt for invisible handle on cabinet doors or drawers for a sleek, clean look. Doors can simply be opened on the hinges or can be fitted with spring loaded hinges that pop open the door with a gentle push.
  • If you does not fancy invisible handle, you can opt for a more conventional style; knob, handle and pull. These are normally made of plastic, polished metal or wood.

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