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Friday, 16 October 2015

Choosing the Best Mattress for you & your love one!

Most people do not realize the importance of bedding in accordance to one’s lifestyle. Let’s face it, we are currently living in a digital world and pressure due to personal, financial and work related is always there. Therefore a good night sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle.
A person sleeps an average 7 hours a day, 365 days a year which accumulates to a total of 25,550 hours in 10 years! Mattress comes in various types and sizes ranging from single, super single, queen and king. One must make the wise choice in mattress selection.
renof mattress

Below list the types and comparison of mattress widely available in the market.


1) Innerspring (spring coil) mattress
Known as the most commonly available mattress in the market, it is mainly constructed with steel coil support with various foams and fibers on top to provide comfort.
  • Provide certain level of bounciness.
  • Come in various prices from low to high.
  • Shorter life span due to steel coil sagging over time.
  • Wear and tear of top foams resulted in exposed steel coil.
renof mattress
2) Memory Foam mattress
Commonly made from polyurethane with properties that allow impact absorption and able to disperse weight evenly, thereby eliminate pressure. Normally consist of two primary layers, the upper memory foam layer and the bottom core layer.
  • Provide natural spinal alignment and resist motion transfer.
  • Offer good durability between 8 to 10 years.
  • Closed cell and temperature sensitive foams may not be ideal for hot climate in Malaysia & Singapore.
  • Slow response foams leaving sleepers feeling stuck in same place.
3) Latex mattress
Made out of latex; a natural product made from the sap of rubber tree. This sap is then made into blocks which forms the mattress.
  • Provide natural bounciness without any need of steel coil and offer better spinal support.
  • Do not transmit movement easily; if a person rolls over it won’t affect the other person.
  • Has natural open cell structure therefore its very ideal for hot climate in Malaysia & Singapore.
  • More expensive compared with other types of mattress.
  • Due to dense material used, the weight is slightly higher than other mattress.
Article from - Choosing the best mattress type Part 1


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