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Tuesday 6 January 2015

Living With Style: Let There Be Light

We all know the incredibly comfortable feeling we get once we step into someone's home and it just feels right. Maybe it’s the pleasant smell all around the house, maybe it’s something about the wall colours, and maybe it’s the way light and shadows make each room look like a fairy tale. Light is useful, it makes us see, but for decades it’s been used for decoration too. Light layers are also very important, so read on to find out what are the best ways of lighting a room.

Choosing the best lightning design for each room
Degrees of light in one room can really make a difference. Having a bright overhead light on an intimate dinner party lowers the atmosphere, and kills the romance. On the other hand, having a single lamp in a room where you’re writing, drawing and/or reading can hurt your eyes and exhaust you.

Lightning to use in your living room
First of all, you will need one main source of light (ambient light) which will cast light to all parts of the room. However, that will not be enough, and we suggest you add directional light to it (accent lights) which will visually separate your room into smaller sections. Chandelier as a main source of light should not be too bright so as not to make people’s eyes hurt, while accent lights such as smaller lamps or sconces should be up to five times brighter. If there is a beautiful painting or a big pant you are proud of in your room, try putting a spotlight near it so it attracts everyone’s attention.

The best solution for your workspace
At the place where you will be working, you don’t need romantic atmosphere; instead opt for lightning that will make it easier for you to see what you are doing. Ambient light is necessary but you also need additional source of light (task lighting) which could be up to ten times brighter. On the other hand, if you chose good task lighting, maybe you will not even need overhead lights. Desk lamps or floor lamps trained on a desk are the most convenient choice for your office because they will provide clean light and allow you to see clearly what you are working on.

Light for children’s room
Children want to have fun all the time and are always searching for a way to turn everything into a game. Having that in mind, it will not be too difficult to pick the best possible lighting for their room. There are so many creative solutions that the bigger problem will be picking just one for your child (and trying real hard not to pick one for yourself as well). Pick funny lamps shaped as characters form video games and add night lights in the shape of clouds. It will make them feel safe during the night and it will look good on the walls too.

Light layering means having different light sources in a room and each of these should cast different kind of light. Having nothing but direct light sources in a room will make it seem dull, flat and uninviting. Introduce contrasts and shadows in a room to create a place of ultimate comfort.

Article from: JohnStone (Renof's member)
Image Source from: Floor lamps Flickr


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